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Thread: Finding Rare, Old Hardware

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    Question Finding Rare, Old Hardware

    So, I've been searching on this one for the past few months to no avail...and it seems to be something that should be much easier than it is...so if someone knows something I don't...

    I have acquired an old UMAX laptop that the office got rid of. Note that UMAX doesn't even do laptops anymore, so that should give you an idea of how old. The model number isn't posted on it, but I'm pretty sure it's a 312T.

    So anyway, it's in good working order except for one wee, minor thing -- The cable connecting the hard drive to the mobo has torn, so now I need a replacement cable. Bad news is it doesn't use a standard IDE cable. The connector that fits the actual hard drive is almost half the size of a typical IDE connector (I'll post a pic this evening when I get home).

    UMAX isn't answering e-mails and I can't find ANYTHING on eBay or googling all over God's green earth. Meanwhile, there that laptop sits, in otherwise good health, collecting dust.

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    Who makes the HD that has the weird connector on it?

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    Oh duh!! Why didn't I think of that? I'll take a look at that tonight...

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    Hrmm.. I remember Umax doing a series of PowerPC clones when Apple allowed clones. After a bit of searching your model is part of a line that was formerly called "ActionBooks". I did find this blog that might have some insight into what you have (he had a 333T). It sounds like you might have an earlier AMD chip on that laptop.

    Umax doesn't support these things but a search on Google looking for "Umax+ActionBook" should generate tonnes of info. The cable you're referring to sounds like it's a standard laptop IDE cable.

    I also found the following specs:

    System Type: Laptops
    Manufacturer: UMAX
    Model Name: ActionBook 312T
    Bus Type: PC Card (PCMCIA)
    HD Bus Type: IDE
    CPU: 233MHz AMD K6
    Standard Memory: 32 MB (removable)
    Max Memory: 128 MB
    Number of Sockets: 2 sockets
    Native OS: Windows 95/98
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    have you the equipment to solder the cable back together? doing this could be tricky, it depends on the tear in the cable. are you sure the cable isn't a 2.5" IDE?
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    Since it's an old laptop, it's probably using a 40 pin IDE cable and not the 80 pin cables, hence the reason it's half the size of a usual IDE cable ...
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    AK - if you don't find it in the links and resources posted up, let me know the model number. There's a guy who deals strictly in legacy boxes here in town - I'll check him and see if he has any.
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    Thanks everybody, I've got some things to explore now.

    When I get home from work this evening I'll pull out that laptop and get all that info, and post a pic of that little cable I'm talking about.

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    That legacy idea is a valid point, but I still think that it's an old 40 pin IDE... Could I be wrong?
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