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Thread: Netegrity Siteminder: yay, nay or what?

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    Netegrity Siteminder: yay, nay or what?

    Just ran across this web authentication product that our organization has a "standard" but I would like to know if any of you have worked with this application and thoughts about it. Any issues? Also - are there other viable solutions (viable: works, secure, cheaper, etc.) that are out there - have people created their own instead?

    Here is the FAQ for anyone who wishes to review:


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    I have worked with it alot and love it, well most of the time. Like all software it is not perfect. However it is ranked the best by the Gartner Group and several others. I will say it will benefit you to learn it because the knowledge is in demand. The Netegrity products worked so well that is why Computer Associates bought them.

    There are some other solutions from RSA, I believe it is called cleartrust. Novell has something as well.

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