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Thread: chips that read minds

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    chips that read minds

    There's a hand lying on the blanket on Matt Nagle's desk and he's staring at it intently, thinking "Close, close," as the scientists gathered around him look on. To their delight, the hand twitches and its outstretched fingers close around the open palm, clenching to a fist.

    In that moment, Nagle made history. Paralysed from the neck down after a vicious knife attack four years ago, he is the first person to have controlled an artificial limb using a device chronically implanted into his brain.

    Full story here
    implantation....very crude. it shouldn't be too long before this can be done externally and available to all. combined with robotics...dangerous work made safe. can you imagine the new gaming systems!?!
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    There you go .....what an idea whose time has come!!

    All I need to do now is invent the "Chipstation" TM (kinda like a barber shop crossed with a gas station) that sits you in chair, plugs you into a diagnostic module to download your thoughts and to upload new programming.


    Ahhh ... does your left arm keep rebooting? Your head twitch uncontrollably? Is your performance failing and your programming getting you down?

    Try our new "CHIPSTATION" TM, where upgrades are individually chosen, downloaded and installed in two easy steps. Take out that old failing instruction and beef yourself up for action, adventure and pleasure! Walk in, an old tired out cyborg and 10 short minutes later walk out a Bright Gleaming RoboBorg!!

    Get yours for today's ONLY special of 4 easy payments of $39.95. If you come in today, we'll have a free gift waiting.

    (taxes and licenses not included, see your dealer for more information)
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    how long until they find out a way to exploit it wirelessly and start hacking ppls thoughts and movements... it would be a whole new game of "stop hitting yourself, what are you doing"

    Very interesting technology though, i can see the military getting involved for controlling things remotely without putting lives in danger
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    Any fans of "Red Dwarf" here? There was this computer game, You put on a special helmet
    and it took you to a fantasy world. Problem was, people wouldn't willingly return to reality, and would die
    of starvation. Of course it was highly illegal and sold on the black market. Sci-fi always seems
    to anticipate real developments.
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    Reminds me of something I read in the old CyberPunk 2020 manual. Could we be seeing the onset of such a thing?
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    Rcgreen, yeah I think I saw a movie like that, I am not sure if that was the name of the movie, but there was a movie based on that theory.

    I will be honest, if I could play a game with my brain and never move. Oh the sweetness. I will sadly admit, I would probably die from starvation.

    It would make MMORPG'S sooo much cooler. Though getting hit with a sword would become a real pain.

    Oh the cool things that could happen if that technology ever gets to the stage for gaming.

    This actually reminds me of the old PS10 commercial.

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