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Thread: Indiana Higher Education Cybersecurity Summit

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    Indiana Higher Education Cybersecurity Summit

    Let me know if anyone plans to be at the “Indiana Higher Education Cybersecurity Summit.” Last year it was mostly a wank, geared more towards managers and not gearheads. I wanted to present something but the never got back to me.

    More info at: http://www.indiana.edu/~cacrsum/

    April 28-29, 2005
    University Place Conference Center
    Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis
    850 W. Michigan Street, Indianapolis, Indiana
    The diverse activities of academic institutions, like those of most organizations today, have grown fully dependent on a complex network of widely distributed computers, networks, and other information technology infrastructures.
    Threats and attacks in cyberspace continue to rise in frequency, severity, sophistication, and impact. They compromise intellectual property and institutional data, disrupt critical systems, and deplete scarce fiscal resources. Indeed, several high-profile data releases have occurred in higher education over just the past year, and the reputation of security efforts in all of higher education was tarnished as a result.
    Information security is a particular challenge for academic, governmental, and not-for-profit institutions. Meeting that challenge requires a focused and coordinated effort at the highest levels of leadership. Engagement in the discussion is a critical step in developing strategies that will deter attacks, reduce vulnerabilities, and help to ensure that disruptions are infrequent, of minimal duration, and cause the least damage possible.
    The Indiana Higher Education Cybersecurity Summit brings together information assurance professionals from Indiana's leading universities and colleges and other public institutions to share best practices, research, trends, and innovations in information assurance. The program includes presentations on legal, policy, and audit issues, as well as several short presentations on practical security solutions.
    Featured speakers at this year's Summit include:
    Amit Yoran, "National Cybersecurity" (Keynote Speaker)
    CEO, Yoran Enterprises
    Former Director, National Cybersecurity Division, Department of Homeland Security. more>
    Jack Suess, "Cybersecurity in Higher Education"
    Chief Information Officer, University of Maryland-Baltimore County
    Co-chair, Internet2/EDUCAUSE Computer and Network Security Task Force
    Jim Bottum, "Cybersecurity on Campus: CIO Perspective"
    Vice President for Information Technology and CIO, Purdue University
    We hope you join us.
    Mark S. Bruhn, CISSP, CISM
    Chief IT Security and Policy Officer
    Office of the Vice President for Information Technology and CIO
    Associate Director, Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research (CACR)
    Executive Director, Research and Educational Networking ISAC
    Indiana University

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    This is actually really close to where i live, I might have to make a trip down and see what its all about. What kind of info can you give me about the one from last year?
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    It was pretty lame last year. Not very technical. They did server a great lunch though. I’m hoping that the practitioner sessions on Friday will make it more practical. I kept a running log of my thoughts on the last one here:


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    I just got good news, they are going to let me do my "Local Workstation Password Cracking and Defense" presentation.

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