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Thread: So...you think you got the Navy smarts ?

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    So...you think you got the Navy smarts ?

    Well...let's see...can you pass the test....eh?...can you... ...now's your chance...

    Naval Knowledge, Unit Four, Chapter Three: The Law of War at Sea

    and if you really want to test your military smarts, ...or you're just bored out of your friggin' mind and got nothing better to do...

    scroll down and take a look...

    War History Trivia, Quizzes, Quiz Questions, Fun Facts, Information

    no cheatin' eh !

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    Coming from a former squid, the njrotc test was somewhat challenging - 10/10 100% but I strained my brain on the CO comparison - most often one hears the CO of a Naval vessel likened to a reigning Monarch, and his crew compared to Ambassadors.

    I'll fiddle round with the other trivia site tomorrow - for now it's time for this old squid to head for bed. Cya.
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    I got 80 % on the first try not bad i guess
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