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Thread: Free gift?

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    Free gift?

    Today I was searching online for a crib for my son that I saw at a store just to see if there was a difference in prices. Well, one of the first sites that google returned told me I had won the crib for free. I showed it to my husband and we both thought it was a scam. I decided to go further and read what they had to say. Freegiftworld.com. Has anyone heard of them? They put up an application form in front of me, i filled it out , then it proceeded to another link, the sponsors link. Basically it explained that companies come out with new products and if I sign up with them just for a trial period, I would get the 400 bucks crib as a gift, with 100% shipping Free. Hum, sounded to good to be true, but then the sponsors came. Big names like GM, blockbuster, At&T, AOL ...so I still couldn't believe it was a pure scam using big company names like that..

    So I went to sign up with four different products, I picked the new Blockbuster dvd mail program. Gee, the website looked exactly like Blockbuster's and the application form was topnotch. But the address bar and headers in my browser had dissapeared. I went to view the source, it goes back to secure.adprofile.net, not blockbuster! So I wrote a letter to blockbuster asking if they had in fact taken part of this , still waiting for a response.

    Really guys, I'm not that naive and yet these guys look so legit that although I didn't punch in any cc info, I'm still in doubt if this was a scam or not. If anybody has any information about these people, plz share!

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    It's possible that it's legit but not likely...those sponsers would not be involved in a free crib giveaway...there's no benefit to them to sponser that kind of giveaway and it's not even their target audience...generally speaking.

    If it is even semi-legit it probably is a company that specializes in collecting information that is paid by companies to compile eg. mailing lists...but you'll still never see the crib...can you imagine that if 1 million people filled out their application and they had to give away 400 million dollars worth of cribs...will never happen. These sponsors didn't get where they are by selling the farm or by taking a chance on a potentially expensive free giveaway.

    Cough...Blockbuster doesn't even give away used rentals when they do inventory rotations...they sell them in bins...the most they'll give you is a free rental...I doubt they would fork over a $400 crib.

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    Roger that, as the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, unless you want a free ipod!, just click here.
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