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Thread: A day late, a dollar short.

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    A day late, a dollar short.

    You've all heard the phrase "A day late, a dollar short." How about 7 YEARS late 1 MILLION dollars short?


    Internet study finished -- after 7 years
    'Signposts in Cyberspace' requested in 1998

    Thursday, March 31, 2005 Posted: 4:30 PM EST (2130 GMT)

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- Talk about turning in your homework late: The government just finished a report on Internet traffic that Congress requested seven years ago
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    And unfortunately, it's real. They keep forgetting that trying to stay with the latest in computers is useless because the second it's released it's obsolete.
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    Lawmakers had demanded the $1 million study
    I wonder how much this report actually cost the tax payer.

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