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Thread: php.net subtle defacement ?

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    php.net subtle defacement ?

    So Ive been reading about all the recent vulnerabilities in php that are being published, Ive also been hearing from a number of 'shady' sources that there are quite a few 0-day exploits for php that are still not disclosed. I went to the php site today and theres a Dachsund in the corner where it should be the PHP logo....

    Except when I just showed a buddy he said it probably an April fools...so now Im not sure.

    So subtle defacement or April fools ?
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    Thats funny, almost 1pm EST and its still there, I am guessing april fools. I checked the source available at the bottom of the page, hoping to find some sort of silly AF easter egg, but to no avail. It meshes well with the layout, i vote they keep it. It could be the official php weenie.
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