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Thread: MS buys out firefox?

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    Exclamation MS buys out firefox?

    Christ, what is this world coming to. Microsoft has given the developers of firefox an offer of 1.5 million in exchange for a closed-fork of firefox. The GNU Mozilla foundation can keep their current fork, but have to release one version under the BSD license specifically for Microsoft. This means of course that Microsoft can fork or even merge IE and Firefox under a closed source application.

    Wow, and I used to be a huge supporter of MS until now. What a cheap ass move And since the foundation has not accepted the offer yet, is there anyway we could start a petition to show our support AGAINST this buisness move? Link to the story below:


    Oh, and april fools.
    \"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.\"
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    You know you actually had me going there for a minute...best one I've had all day.

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    Man, it just accured to me that its April 1..... Ive went almost the whole day without getting anyone. Ill be back later, gotta rustle up someone. Thanks for the reminder.

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