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    Anyone on here a Stephen Hawkings fan?!? Just wondering if the 5th editions has much more than the 4th, and what the newest addins are..

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    Ahh,...Hawking. I'm more of a Brian Greene fan. I highly recommend The Elegant Universe. A wonderful introduction into string theory. It reads like Dan Brown, in that he uses fitting illustrations, makes complex points interesting and goes into details in a "I really get this, he truly makes sense" sort of understanding. He also goes into the math of it in a truly experiential, crafty way with hardly any number crunching; it won't bore you to death.

    The latest news on Hawking is he recently retracted what he said about black holes previously, in that it destroys everything that falls in it. Which he thought was wrong after all, losing the bet to Kip Thorne.

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    All fans (actualy anyone) should atleast look at this site:


    This shouldn't be necessary, but just to be on the safe side I would like to make one thing perfectly clear:

    Professor Stephen Hawking is a brilliant, courageous, remarkable man... he is not, however, a gangsta rapper.

    Professor Hawking had absolutely nothing to do with the creation of this site or the songs on it.

    If any of this came as a surprise to you, I suggest that you have a talk with your parents; they have some bad news for you about the Easter Bunny.
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