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Thread: another noobish question

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    Question another noobish question

    I was just wondering...

    i used languard to scan my home network and I found the router of course, our hp printer and my laptop. However I know my girlfriend is online and I know the last octet of her ip. So why can't I see her? And how can I make it so I can't see myself? I'm using Kerio's Personal Firewall. We both are running XP. If I can't see her because of something simple, is there another way to find her? I can't ping her either so I'm guessing she is blocking/dropping icmp packets right?

    Thanks guys.

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    Your G/F could live next door, but if she has a different ISP, then she will be on a different network to you.
    SHE isn't dropping pings, the ISP probably is.
    and I know the last octet of her ip
    you KNOW ? How ?

    for a quick and dirty method, just read one of Irongeek's [there ARE others] posts, he has a scanner running that will tell you your address then. Check from the G/F's PC too, compare the IP ?

    Read tut's about IP's in the tutorial section of AO, accessed via the front / home page.

    Dynamic addresses change each time you call in.
    And don't say that it's ADSL, or something else thats connected all the time, ADSL can be dialled in as required, and SHOULD be [on SOHO, home nets] to help preserve your security
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    Is your girlfriend hanging out at your place and using your connection? Does she have XP's firewall enabled? Or perhaps another desktop firewall enabled?

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    Yes she has norton I do believe and I know her IP because we live together and were both sharing one broadband connection.

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    windows firewal drops ping requests. languard wont see it with default settings.
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    If you have nmap, try this....

    (This is how it works under Linux, it may be different under Windows due to lack of direct socket access.)

    nmap -T5 -P0 -sV -v -v -O 192.168.1-254

    You can change the IP to allow for your specific network, ie or whatever....

    This should give you a fair bit of information...

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    oh and Languard will always see the machine that iit is running on..

    Have you tried running LAnguard from her machine?

    How are you shareing the Broadband connection? router, hub, ICS?

    otherwise most has been said.. (I realy must load nMap on a box or 2 and give it a play)
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    Nmap 3.70 is out now....

    www.insecure.org for those who don't know.

    It runs on any *nix machine, and has a Win32 port. But... THe *nix version is better due to differences in the OS's... But you do need to be root to use all the scan options.

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    the problem is though linux doesnt pick up my wifi usb dongle.
    if it did I would use linux and only linux.
    I have a D-Link DWL-122 if anyone knows how to get it working please share it with me I'm so frustrated.

    and u said languard wont see her using the default settings...
    which ones need to be changed?


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