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    Hi jehnx,

    I think I might've found something...second from the top...haven't checked out the others but they look promising too...

    Google Search: I hear spinning, and my fans all work, etc. I'm just getting no signal to my monitor

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    If you tried both AGP and PCI video cards, those slots are blown I presume. That's if both of those cards work on another board. I seriously doubt the PSU is the problem. The only thing I can think of in a desperate attempt, similar to one I would go through. Would be visually inspecting and smelling around the nividia-chipset and slots. Then I would put each video card back, double check make sure it's sunk all the way in. Then make sure I really had that VGA-connector on tight, tighter than a new rope. (All those mishaps would give the same blank monitor response) I would make sure those fans are running on the video cards. That slot you put his RAM in, I would leave that one empty. Do you have any Volt, LCR, ESR, and Capacitance meters on hand? We could get to the culprit in a hurry. Hell, some air duster in those slots wouldn't hurt; maybe some dust is preventing a solid connection. No motherboard warning beeps would tell me the memory slots are good, but I would think it would not beep either if the AGP/PCI slots were blown.

    After that, it's time to cut losses and purchase a new board.

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    After looking at everyones suggestions, all very good suggestions I might add, I just about believe that its the Mobo. You have tried everything I would have tried... well, almost everything I would swap the PSU out with a known good one. I have recently purchased a new psu and it never worked right out of the box.

    On the next note... I tried an older model Asus Mobo I had laying around and put no ram in at all and no video, no beeps... I tried with video and no ram, no beeps... I put a stick of known "bad" ram in and got beeps... I put known "good" ram in and a known "bad" video card, and got beeps...

    This is why I suspect the Mobo, you get no beeps ever. right? Also keep in mind that there are several voltages coming from the psu, if one of the three 5v circuits was missing or irregular it would cause the exact same problem, the drive motors and fans would still work as they are 12v.

    If you havent swapped the psu and you are positive that all of the voltages from it are present and stable, then it has to be the mobo.

    Again I say, good luck.
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    hi there,
    after reading all of this i think that lot of things have been covered.
    well read little bit my problem 3 weeks ago(advance search under unvi$ible) .
    i did same thing.put a another stick of ram ddr 400 and i dont use generic ones boot were kingston 512 sticks. and i couldnt boot any more. well i think you were luckier because one of my stick burned in the memory slot(golden pin burned).
    well i could get beeping sound which straightaway leeds to memory problem as i couldnt pass memory test.
    after trying another 512 ddr stick(120 dollars) and after going to buy another SAME motherboard(lucky they didnt have in stock)
    i went and bought a can of presurissed air.
    Clean the memory slots with it and bingo.the best sound i heard for a while booting one.
    i am little bit concern when you dont get any beeps but would suggest to go to asus site as they have support there and maybe they will come with the anwer.
    i was SURE my motherboard was dead even this guys who are much more experienced then me gave me 5%chance of been ok can of 6 dollars made my day.
    good luck would try www.asus.com and their support
    good luck

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    Hey guys,

    I'll jus take the new RAM back, it's ok. No loss to me.

    I'll head out and buy a can of that pressurized air, though it seems like that wouldn't be it honestly. But, it surely could.

    Also, I just bought this motherboard 3 months ago, and it's got a 5-year warranty on it, so I'm sure ASUS would just take it back and give me another one, right? Anyone have any experience with them in that regard?

    Thanks folks for going so far into this with me. If this last try doesn't work, then that sucks, but at least hopefully we all learned a little something from it, right?

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    you have to get a case number first off....then you can call RMA and get them to replace the board

    if you bring it back to the place you bought it they will ask for an RMA number...not true...they need the CASE number....5 digit number for me......

    in all honesty though they probably wont even check it... you could write down a phone number or 1337 code and they would take it

    with most advanced BIOS now adays if they sense a video card in the AGP they will automaticaly switch, some have jumper settings, some are cmos settings...just look around

    one last hurra before you take the board back

    rebuild ENTIRE box

    STRIP everything down, take apart your case and make sure there is absolutly 0 <-- zero loose screws rolling around...lost a board that way

    ONLY use the screw spacers that you need, dont add another one that doesnt have a corresponding screw hole, chances are you would short something

    CHECK every cable to make sure none are worn to the metal and touching the board or other wires

    READ up on the clock settings of your board and your processor, you could be overclocking something on accident, or underclocking, make sure your board accepts the bus speed of your chip

    TAKE your time putting the case back together, put your ram and processor on the board while the board is resting on a piece of stryrofoam.. thoes boards are multi-layered pieces of art that can easily be bent or broken

    if there is anything else someone wants to add to the check list please do

    good luck

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    Jehnx, sorry to hear that your mobo is the culprit when you only had it for 3 months. Since it's new it sounds like static electricity could have gotten it, which is why I always say DISCHARGE YOURSELF!!!!!! Even when doing something as simple as installing more ram.
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    Sounds like everyone has everything covered. I came across the same problem a while back and ended up doing some of the things that many of these guys said.

    Took everything apart. Don't worry Duck.. Used ESD strap and actually used an ESD mat

    Checked Bios Beeps

    Used more compressed air than the air between Jessica Simpson's ears.

    Everything ended up just fine after all that.

    Sorry to hear if you have to get a new mobo, been there and it sucks. At least yours is under warranty. For some reason, stuff seems to break on me right when my warranty expires.

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    make sure you shake can good before use and spray little bit around as sometimes they have little bit of drops of water in first spray

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    I'll bet money the can says " ***Directions Do Not Shake Can!" That's like me saying; hold your can upside down when you spray your sensitive components. For the liquid to make the proper, intended reaction, it needs to stay at the bottom of the can.

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