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Thread: The Pope has died...

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    The Pope has died...

    The Pope has just died.


    May his positive contributions to the world live on in our hearts and minds. The man did a lot for the world... some things perhaps negative, but most things very positive. We've all lost a very positive inspiration today, even those who are not religious.

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    I'm NOT religious at all.
    And the passing of the Pope affects me not one jot.
    But I felt that he should have been allowed some peace in his final YEARS, and not dragged around on display around the world.

    Maybe the next one, will retire, THEN die, in and at peace.

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    Im not catholic so i dont really follow the pope at all but, i am sad that he died because while everyone dies he was a particularly good man who did good things for society. He will be missed.
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    I'm not too religious i just feel that every good man who dies will be remembered for sometime and may his soul rest in peace.......
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    Pope John Paul II

    While Pope John Paul II will largely be remembered for his influence on social issues ranging from euthanasia to AIDS, he also earned a place in history as the first pontiff to embrace computer technology.

    The Pope's Influence
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    he also earned a place in history as the first pontiff to embrace computer technology.
    When John Paul II was appointed.. there were very few Personal Computers and the PC was still a few years away..
    As a non Roman Catholic we are saddened of the passing, gladdened that his pain has past and peace at last..
    HE was the First Pope to have visited many countries on this earth, and the first to have visited as many has he did. His visits in Poland have been considered the a major catalyst in the breaking of the totalitarian communist government of Poland. It was JP2 who insigated the forgivness of the Jewish people for the death of christ (gee a 2000 yr grudge).

    Inspite of my disagreement with some of his beliefs, I respect his efforts and achievements..

    God Journey JP2
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    I think everyone should respect him for what he's done for jews and the jew/catholic relationship... I don't care who you are, one more step towards world peace is great for us all. He also gets huge respect points from me for helping Jews during the holocoust.
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    Its a sad news.
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    I'm not a Catholic. This is the third Pope whom I've seen pass from this Earth into their great reward. This is also the one I know to have done the most of the three during his tenure. The world is a sadder place at his passing.

    In his life, Pope John Paul II helped Jews escape from the Nazis to the point of his arrest by the Gestapo, showing himself even in his youth to be a man worthy of much respect and honor. His Papacy has done no less, constantly working towards the benefit of mankind about the globe.

    Although I'm not a Catholic, I respect that a great man has been lost. I hope the College of Cardinals elects a successor that can do as much or more for mankind than John Paul II did.

    I pray he rest in peace, and is received unto the Great Architect as he is most worthy.
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    Although I am athiest in nature.

    A salute a this pope... and hope that his sould will live on where he thinks it should have gone too.

    I think finding a pope like this is one is going to be hard. . At least the new one can talk and walk.
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