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    I see what your saying and that's why we had to go get a router a few years back. My pc, sisters, dad and mom share.

    What I don't understand is how could my ISP think I'm using too many addresses when the cable modem can only except one cat5 at a time. And how would this explain me being able to get on the net minus the router with both my pc and then my sisters only a few minutes later. Are they able to differentiate between different pc's here at the house by the mac address/host name or something?

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    It may be basing it on the MAC address/host name, particularly since Primary Dns Suffix and Connection-specific Dns Suffix aren't matching up to theirs. Especially since you're directly connecting to their network.

    The other option is that you may not be "releasing" your address before disconnecting the cable and the lease for your machine may be long enough for it to stay.
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    Great idea, I'm going to go try that out right now. Never gave any thought to that scenario before.



    Well, despite all that, I was still unable to make any progress. We're just gonna have to have the IT guy come on out to the house next week and solve this mystery or my ingnorance. Hopefully I will be able to watch what he does but if I can't I'll ask him for sure what the problem was and post back. Maybe he does have some sort of group policy initiated that is impeding us here but even if I knew where to find it I am probably not allowed to tinker with it.

    Thanks again though MsMittens, you have been very helpful.


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    I had a similar problem with my home network, The XP boxes you have will want to be the Browser master and the win 2k box that is probably removed from the network from time to time thinks it should be the master browser. The IP addresses you reported are placed ther by the System to resolve browser conflicts from the foreign computer. XP will always win and the 2k box is disabled effectivly by the system. I will give the link to my discussion below, I never did get the ICS (internet connection sharing) to work I did however discover a redundant workaround that is still working just fine. Good luck... read my thread as I learned a lot from it.

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