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Thread: Top 25: Technological breakthroughs

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    Top 25: Technological breakthroughs

    Source here - http://www.cnn.com/2005/TECH/04/01/c...ogy/index.html

    Top 25: Technological breakthroughs
    Advances in computers, entertainment and science top list

    Friday, April 1, 2005 Posted: 11:20 AM EST (1620 GMT)

    (CNN) -- Advances that transformed how the world communicates are among the top 25 technological breakthroughs of the past quarter century, according to a panel of experts assembled by CNN.

    Having a computer in almost every American home (No. 5) has changed the way the world conducts business and how people communicate. Computers have gone from whirring behemoths to devices that fit in every room -- or every pocket.

    "We see them in our cell phones, our PDAs," said Suzanne Kantra of Popular Science magazine. "Kids' toys in particular have taken off in the ability to be smart."

    And just as computer use worldwide is exploding, the brains behind them -- the processors -- are getting smaller. Computer chips made the list at No. 9, and today a chip that you can balance on your fingertip can hold massive amounts of data.

    This ability to store (No. 10) tons of information in cell phones or digital cameras allows us to keep our smart technology portable.

    But even as our technology is getting faster and smarter, so is the e-baggage (No. 20) that comes with it.

    When the Internet age dawned, the World Wide Web looked a bit like Eden. Not a sneaky snake in sight. Today, however, we are mired in problems caused by things like online scams and viruses -- traps aimed at taking down your computer and sometimes even your identity.

    An entire industry meant to curb e-baggage and protect consumers has formed in reaction to this threat.
    Scripting your entertainment experience

    Technological advances have also transformed the entertainment industry...

    2) Defense technology
    3) Alternative fuel vehicles
    4) Biotechnology
    5) Computers
    6) Lasers
    7) Genomics
    8) Global finance
    9) Processors
    10) Digital storage
    11) Space
    12) Fiber optics
    13) Satellite TV & radio
    14) DNA testing
    15) Video games
    16) Biometrics
    17) Energy and water savers
    18) Scanning tunneling microscopes
    19) Batteries
    20) E-baggage
    21) Remote controls
    22) Animal cloning
    23) Manufacturing technology
    24) The big picture
    25) Weather technology
    - Most of it was always connected somehow to one thing - COMPUTERS! We use it and it is popular, we use it even to discover new breakthroughs. We use it further and further and further to discover more. Thanks to computers. No thanks to abusers of the capabilities of such technology.

    Ah, Stay tuned to CNN on Sunday at 8 p.m. ET as the No. 1 technology breatkthrough is revealed in an hour-long countdown show. (I'm not promoting anything, it's in the link, read it!

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    Come on, we all know Number 1. They're gonna do an Interview with JP and giving him an award for building AntiOnline
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    I think the one will be on TOP is the "INTERNET".

    It could be AO specifically. LoLZ

    \"Life without FREEDOM is no life at all\". - William Wallace
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