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Thread: Investigating User's Web Usage

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    It would really be fudging the numbers though
    Heh, heh, Considering that the people you're reporting to only
    want a real simple explanation, make sure you make some color
    pie charts, cook some plausible numbers based on a rough
    algorithm, and get on with your real work.
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    Get BlueCoat proxy/content management hardware on your network. I know, folks probably think I am pushing it a bit hard these

    Seriously, if you need to keep close tabs on what your users are doing on the `interweb', then this is the easiest virtually 'turn-key' thing you are going to come across. Of course, if you are hard core, configure squid and apache proxy servers.

    By the way, this is my least favorite security topic... Anyone who has monitored proxy logs before can tell you that you can make anyone look bad with them.
    Get OpenSolaris

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    I do this fuction at work regularly as well. We have surfcontrol in place which makes life a lot easier.

    It is possibly to set up a proxy with linux, squid and squidalizer that will give you more information

    Here I don't look into anyones web usage unless there is a request to do so by their line manager or they have been repeatedly trying to access blocked sites like pr0n and gambling (run a report to check blocked site accesses every month). You have to be subjective.

    What if I was listening to an Internet radiostation while doing my job
    is a good point you could crack down too hard on people who are still working or just taking a break for a couple of minutes. Would they be hit as hard if they were reading a newspaper?

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