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Thread: Hear ye, hear ye...Free WiFi is illegal...

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    Hear ye, hear ye...Free WiFi is illegal...


    Well it was bound to happen, I'm sure, 2.4 Ghz IS the same frequency that microwaves use.... anyone trying to get 2.4 through a treeline can vouch for how well water absorbs the radio waves. So what fallout are we going to be looking at here? Anyone? Better yet anyone have experience with this type of scenario?

    So are we all doomed to use 5.3 or 5.8 for fixed wireless?
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    April Fools Joke maybe? This cant be real.

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    Serious case of compo [compensation] settling in though

    I find it hard to believe that WiFi could blow up an Espresso ......................

    So, I'll hope it's a bad April Fool gag
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    It's idiots whomake things up like this that make me hate this make-shift holiday.

    If you ask me we should forget all about April Fools day and concentrate on INternational talk like a pirate day on September 19.
    International talk like a Pirate day.

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