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Thread: pie or persistent cookies??

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    pie or persistent cookies??

    read about undeletable cookies here read me

    i think these aready exist as a form of malware?? as i have had trouble in the past when visiting questionable sites in cleaning the "cookie" it claims to be "in use"

    anybody encounter this??
    the only way to fix it is to flush it all away-tool

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    Actually this is quite old... a contract I was charged with about 5 years ago was not only persistent cookies, but also to determine if the visitor has been to competitor sites recently as well.

    It worked beautifully... and technology has progressed quite a bit since then.

    If this is implemented correctly, there is really nothing that 99% of your users can do, using existing technology without taking a huge hit to performance.



    Attached is a related (for one approach) document.

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