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Thread: What job title or certifications needed for this position?

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    What job title or certifications needed for this position?

    We need to hire a programmer proficient in php, MySQL, server administration, java, ecommerce and security. Unfortunately, we do not know what job title would be applicable or what certifications would be appropriate since we are not in the field. Trying to contact employment agencies, etc.

    The person would have to be able to develop an ecommerce site, custom shopping cart and possibly be responsible for 1 or 2 other junior personnel.

    Security certs are a must but are not much good if we do not get the site designed and deployed.

    Overall, I am asking for titles, experience and certifications that would fit this criteria.

    I was referred to this site by friend. Hope that this is the appropriate place for this message. If not, any referral would be appreciated.

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    If I were filling this position, I'd list something like this:

    E-commerce Development and Administration Lead.

    - Leading/mentoring a team of system administrators.
    - Configuration, support, and development with PHP and Java.
    - Administration and development of a mySQL supported e-commerce system.
    - Applying patches and utilizing system hardening techniques.
    - Resolving issues of non-compliance and general security within the role.

    - Bachelor's degree in Information Systems/Computer Science or related field.
    - Two years of professional PHP, Java, and mySQL experience.
    - At least one other verifiable e-commerce project and ideally two years experience.
    - Three years of (relevant OS) system administration experience.
    - Experience in a lead role preferred.
    - Security certifications preferred.

    - DOE

    but that is just me...



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    The officiall job title for this type of person is "God". I think he has already been hired by M$ though...
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    I would simply call it an 'e-commerce development lead' or 'development lead'.
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    Originally posted here by Kite
    The officiall job title for this type of person is "God". I think he has already been hired by M$ though...
    Kite is wrong. One requirement for "God" is c/c++, which is not part of your
    list Sorry, back on topic.

    As per certifications, I just throw in a few "well-known" ones, which
    might be relevant for this particular position. Any critisism is welcomed.
    A few well-known institutes, which are related to certificate are CompTIA[1],
    SANS[2], ISC2[3] and Microsoft[4].

    Since the focus is on eBusiness, I would expect an e-Biz+[5], which
    can include the web developer part - but check it out more carefully,
    since I do not know how deep this knowledge is.

    As per the security aspect, you might consider a Security+[6], which is a
    stepping stone to more advanced like SANS GIAC[7] or ISC2 SSCP[8] ->
    CISSP. It depends on your requirements and plannings.
    However, I do not think an CISSP is interested in this kind of job - its focus
    is definitively not on eBiz/Webapplication-Security, but an GIAC (GCIH, GCWN
    or GCUX) might have written his work about an php/mysql vulnerability-incident.
    Keep this in mind with the security certificates.

    This might be enough (...). If you look specifically for Microsoft
    products specialists (network administration etc), have a look at
    the MCSA -> MCSE certificates[4].

    The php/mysql/java knowledge is not explicitly covered, as much as I
    can see it. But I do not know a "real" standard certificate.

    Just have in mind: Certificates do not necessarily reflect the holders abilities.


    [1] http://www.comptia.org/
    [2] http://www.sans.org/
    [3] http://www.isc2.org/
    [4] http://www.microsoft.com/learning/mcp/default.asp
    [5] http://www.comptia.org/certification/eBiz/default.aspx
    [6] http://www.brainbuzz.com/certificati...a/security.asp
    [7] http://certification.about.com/cs/pr...p/sansgiac.htm
    [8] http://www.brainbuzz.com/certifications/isc2/sscp.asp
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