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Thread: WEP/WPA key generator

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    WEP/WPA key generator

    NOTE: I fumbled the subject. The title should read WEP/WPA key generator. It won't let me change it.

    We all know that WEP is NOT secure. The feds just demonstrated that they can break a WIFI network in 3 minutes. Who is to say that wasn't just staged and they already knew the key? I dunno... Its not like we need the Feds to show us... I would guess that they learn most of their tricks from security professionals and the underground. They surely don't have enough time to develop all these techniques AND investigate and gather evidence. Hell.. they're using OSS toolz none of which they created. Thats neigher here nor there. IMO, all they did was read a bunch of wifi security articles and reproduce it. They didn't do anything we haven't seen before.

    Security focus has several articles about WEP Dead parts one and two. The fact is we KNOW that it can be broken. I've done it myself several times. Which technique you use to break it will yield different timeframes.


    What is part of their solution?

    WPA can have a maximum length of 64 bytes.
    The point of that is to make it random and long. The shorter it is, the easier it can be brute forced. If it is based on dictionary words, it is even easier to crack.

    There is a nice freeware tool out there to create your key.
    Extended ASCII would be the best option... it'll never get brute forced... well, can't say never... but it would sure take a really really really long time. You do the math.

    Anyway... you can obtain the tool @ http://soroban.co.uk/wepkeygen.htm

    NOTE: I'm not taking into account all the other layers of wireless security. (MAC filtering, Disable SSID, rename default SSID, change default password, firmware updates, WPA with an authentication server (RADIUS), put wifi on separate subnet with firewall between, VPN, etc.

    I just wanted to point out the tool.
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    good tool. WEP is horrible, but better than nothing. In my opinion (and i am sure many will agree) that WPA/WEP is the most important part of your wireless security. Be sure to use strong keys becasue in many ways it is the password to your network.


    WEP/WPA is the most important part of your wirless security after having common sense.
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