I was flipping though my spam box in gmail when i found this one...


I want you to patiently read this offer.
I am Howard Clark the Head of Delegation to the West Africa Country;
the linkman between the Organization for Petroleum Exporting Countries
(OPEC) and the petroleum sector, I also attend OPEC meetings
constantly in Geneva Switzerland on the auspices of World Bank.

Through the sale of our allocated oil quota in OPEC, I was able to
make S$25.5 Million, which is currently deposited in a Security
Company in Europe.
I want you to assist me to claim this money as I cannot claim it
Directly because I am still a Civil servant and the code of conduct
bureau forbids me from acquiring such amount of money. It is on this
basis that I am contacting you for assistance, if you will be
interested; claim documents have been processed and will be sent to
you. The documents with which the fund is deposited will be changed to
reflect you as the new beneficiary so that you will be eligible to
collect the fund on my behalf.

I will give you 35% of the fund for this assistance, while 60% will be
for me and 5% will be for expenses that may be incurred on both sides.
I am aware of the international monitoring of all large scale
financial movements after the September 11th 2001 Terrorist attack on
America and to avoid any state of financial Investigation I will
provide a classified clearance paper from the relevant body which will
exonerate the money from Drug, money laundered or terrorist related

Kindly respond to my proposal through the above email address on the
receipt of your mail indicating your interest. I want to assure you
that there is no risk attached to this transaction. You should also
provide me with your private telephone and fax Numbers for easier

Expecting your response

Best regards

Howard Clark.

So, I got bored and decided to find out who this Howard Clark guy is... or shall i say was... I found out that he was a very important buisness man but check this out...

Howard Clark
Age: 84

business executive who transformed American Express from a young, unstable company into an industry giant. He took over as president and chief executive of the company in 1960 and launched the ad campaign in which celebrities asked, “Do you know me?” He later debuted the “Don't leave home without it” slogan. Clark retired from American Express in 1977.
Died: Greenwich, Conn., Feb. 2, 2001

hmmmmm hes dead? The funny thing is that this was sent from ********@yahoo.com.... not this guys email. just thought this was a good one. (sorry its so long)