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    Prett nifty. Splits your browser into two frames (one for google and one for yahoo) and so you can search both engines at the same time. You can't use some of the good searching options though. allinurl: filetype: etc. as they only pertain to google.

    I'm not that big of a fan of Yahoo... but thought it was pretty cool either way.
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    Hi phishphreek80,

    As a break from tradition I occasionally use...

    IceRocket Web search

    the thumbnails are useless but it's a nice alternative.

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    It is a pretty fun idea. I got mixed results on my search. I did a search on C# polymorphism....see image below for results...suprisingly, google's return was not very relevant. Seems both do a better job if the search topic is only one word....and # didn't work at all. Both only returned results based on 'c'.

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