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Thread: SAV Removes "Hacktools"?

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    SAV Removes "Hacktools"?

    We have a few systems we use for testing, (they have "hacking tools" on them) but we also have to have the company's software load on them as well; in this case Symantec AntiVirus. I was working from one computer today and was scanning on the other, when SAV kicked on from it's schedule run and I noticed that it finds "hacktools" and automatically removes them! I was trying to find an option to change that (version of SAV:, Scan Engine and not finding anything.

    Anyone hear of this and is there a way I can disable that piece of SAV for scanning?

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    Change the name of the folder??

    Or excluded it from the scan...

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    Put you tools in one directory and 'exclude' that directory from scanning. Look under realtime protection and scheduled scans "advanced" I think.


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    Make sure you set it to exclude all sub-folders as well.
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    Exxxxcellllent. Thanks to you all - I am re-configuring right now. Along with reinstalling the tools that were "cleaned up" for me. Thanks again.

    FYI - for the version of SAV I posted ( I went to:

    Configure->FileSystem Auto-Protect.
    There is an Options area where you can exclude selected files and directories and you can pick the extenstions or files/directories.

    I also found out that you can restore quarantine items. Select Quaritine off of the View folder in Symantec. Then in the window that displays on the right, select the file (R) click and then (L) click Restore. I was able to bring back a few tools that way and rechecked them and they worked. Although - it just might be best to reinstall.

    Thanks again for the information - it got me on the right track.

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