I have a cumputer, with a stand up type cpu, its a Pentium II, I have no idea what the socket is. The problem I am haveing is trying to install a new cooler because the old cooler is too big and prevents any power supply from going in. It was cheaper for me to buy the smaller cooler then to buy a new case.

The smaller cooler will solve the problem of fitting in a power supply, however I need some kinda help with first removeing the old one and putting in the new one. I have seen turorials on this sort of thing for the socket 370 which is difernt cause it lays flat, this one stands up. Does anyone know of a site that might provide me with such a tutorial.

Ive been searching, but prob useing the wrong search terms, and the fact I dont know what the socket type is, also adds to my fusteration. Any guidence would be apreciated.

The coller is labled EVERCOOL II/S.E.C.C II, but the sales person told me it will work.
The cpu is a Pentium II