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Thread: legalnotice popup in linux?

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    legalnotice popup in linux?

    In windows xp, we can have a legalnotice popup by changing a particular key in the registry. (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon) This causes a window to pop up before the login screen. Is there any way to get such a popup in linux as well? I'd like to do it in mandrake 10.1. It could even be a text based message, but it should require the user to 'press any key to continue....' and then go to the login screen. Can this be done?
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    Hi alamuru420123,

    Try here...

    Google Search: creating a popup in linux

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    The traditional way to do this is to edit /etc/motd.
    It shows up after the user logs in but before login runs.
    Motd also shows up after a remote user logs on.
    See motd(5).
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    TCL/TK should be on most Linux distributions.

     #  Create the main message window
         message .m -text "Like Whatever" -background white
         pack .m -expand true -fill both -ipadx 100 -ipady 40
         #  Create the main menu bar with a Help-About entry
         menu .menubar
         menu .menubar.help -tearoff 0
         .menubar add cascade -label "Help" -menu .menubar.help -underline 0
         .menubar.help add command -label "About ..." \
              -accelerator "F1" -underline 0 \
              -command showAbout
         #  Define a procedure - an action for Help-About
         proc showAbout {} {
              tk_messageBox -message "Tcl/Tk\nHello Windows\nVersion 1.0" \
                   -title "About"
         #  Configure the main window
         wm title . "Legal Notice"
         . configure -menu .menubar -width 200 -height 150
         bind . "<Key F1>" {showAbout}
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    We have quite a nice solution here, so I asked the responsible guy
    how they did it. Fairly simple actually:

    Since you would like a popup, I assumed you want this message to appear
    in the X11 system. This solution pops up the content of /etc/motd, as suggested
    by SirDice, after you have logged in.

    In /etc/X11/Xsesssion.d, create a new file, e.g.
    > vi 45legalnotice
    xmessage -center -file /etc/motd
    where in /etc/motd there is the legal notice (it then also is shown, when
    you remotely login, if configured correspondingly - as SirDice said).

    The man-page of xmessage also tell you, how to create buttons (e.g.
    if you want a "cancel" in addition to "ok".

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