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Thread: Driver Installation Error 1F6 (Windows 98)

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    Driver Installation Error 1F6 (Windows 98)

    I just purchased (and had activated) SBC Yahoo! DSL. Well, I have two computers that I need to install the service on: one connected directly to the router (called a "HomePortal..." whatever), and one connected through a wireless USB network adapter (a 2Wire Wireless PCP). However, when I try to install the drivers for the wireless USB adapter, it gives me an error called "1F6." What gives? What does this error mean? Can anyone help me out?

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    First off, check the web page of the manufact and see what they say. Giving an error like that could be anything, but my guess is maybe you installed it wrong, didn't reboot when you did, or it isn't compatible with Windows 98. Your best bet is to go online and check the web page of where you got the card and see what the system requirements are.

    If Windows 98 is compatible, then see if you can find a FAQ or similar on the page which should explain the errors given.

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    What gives? What does this error mean?
    This error is caused by problems with the installation of the drivers for your NIC. You need to uninstall the drivers, reboot, and manually reinstall the drivers (do not install them via plug and play).
    Click on this link and see how it goes ... dsl linksys/ error code 1F6
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