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Thread: Forgot web proxy address, Someone tell it

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    Forgot web proxy address, Someone tell it

    Somewhere, i exactly donot remember, on this site or somewhere else i got across a web address which served as a proxy.... The address contained i think "thevirutal" somewhere in it. It was a web page in which you typed the address of the site you wanted to visit and select some options like having cookies, scripts, mime headers...etc.

    Does anyone know the address.. Please tell me

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    Good Day,

    Just put "Web Proxy" into the google search and you'll see gads of them. Here's a few:






    The address contained i think "thevirutal" somewhere in it.
    Usually used as "the vitutal machine". Maybe not too unusual, but it's interesting. The word "Virtutal" is generally used in conjunction with a Proxy (Java) Machine. Just for info, written in "C" the caching is based on Squid and the transcoding uses the Java Native Interface (JNI). Bet you wanted to know that.
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    if you don't want to deal with the hassles of proxies and would rather have it done for you you should check out TOR (tor.eff.org) it bounces you through hosts (each bounce has a different encryption key) i find it to be faster/as fast as many proxies and it's free. The most recent verion for windows is pretty good. I've attached tor and proxynator. Proxynator (if it works on your system) finds proxies. Another good proxy-finder tool is proxyrama. (you have to use an app like privoxy on your machine for tor to work (see tor.eff.org)

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    I would only use a proxy in extreme circumstances. They are so slow usually that I get bored waiting. The fact that some remote webmaster knows your IP address is hardly an issue to be worried about in almost all circumstances.
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    Relyt it is nothing in relation to JNI

    Bracket i of tor a bit

    What actually i m looking for is a site, in whose address there was this "thevirtual" word also. I think i saw the link on this site itself in some thread. And this site was quite fast. It was very like anonymizer, but not exactly that.

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    If it wasn't too long ago that you visited this website you could check through your History in your web browser ...That's if you haven't clear your history .... Giving a bit more details would also help a lot ...
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    Agent_Steal it was some time back i saw that link maybe around 1 month back. In that same page there were some other proxy links also.
    In the address "virtual" word was for sure.
    Thanks anyway

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    Better late than never

    Better late than never.

    or somewhere else i got across a web address which served as a proxy....
    - Hmmm...

    If virtual proxy you mean try this - http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail...y/1078301721/1

    Otherwise, if it is a web address serving as proxy, or something similar I think,
    From download.com - Proxy Probe 4.0 - http://www.download.com/Proxy-Probe/...ml?tag=lst-0-4

    Proxy Probe 4.0 automatically finds and tests hundreds of proxy servers downloaded from websites in minutes. The Proxy Hop feature enables your internet browser (Mozilla, Firebird, Opera or Internet Explorer to name the most popular) to hop between tested proxies providing you with protection and privacy from malicious websites. VProxy Probe 4.0 enables support for all the most popular browsers and introduces new privacy features including custom User Agent and referer/cookie stripping.
    You need...
    It was a web page in which you typed the address of the site you wanted to visit and select some options like having cookies, scripts, mime headers...etc.
    The details here - http://srjkeng.com/shop/product_info.php?products_id=28

    Check it out and hope it could help.

    [edit - Oppppps... didn't noticed this -
    Apparently to be removed from the market in December, 2004.
    . Sorryyy.]

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