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Thread: New Linux distro to be "Solaris Killer"

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    New Linux distro to be "Solaris Killer"

    Anyone who has a "Linux" Google Alert probably saw this today, a new Linux distro, claiming to be a Solaris killer, and saying that major companies like RedHat, Novell, and Mandrivia will have to re-engineer their whole system without the use of RPMs,

    A stealth start-up in Athens, Ohio whose name is Spliced Networks LLC is on the threshold of announcing a new Linux distribution that its young CTO John Buswell describes as "unlike anything currently on the market." It will supposedly eliminate "bloated package management," allowing for upgrades or rollbacks in less than 30 seconds. To compete, Red Hat, Novell and Mandrakesoft would reportedly have to "completely re-engineer their solutions away from RPM and other package management systems."
    The way they plan on doing their packages, and a whole system upgrade in 30 seconds without a reboot (including the Kernel?)

    The Spliced distribution is supposed to upgrade in 15 second without rebooting and roll back in seconds too. Applications supposedly upgrade in seconds with minimum interruption to services.
    Maybe it'll turn out to be something really good, let's hope, it sounds interesting. I didn't get to read the whole article, I had to go eat some breakfast, but I'm going to finish it in a bit)

    Original Article: http://www.linuxbusinessweek.com/story/49114.htm
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    Not sure how you can verfy dependencies, copy files, stop and start deamons in 30 seconds, then do the opposite in 15, but hey maybe I am RPM blind? My interest is peaked though since RPMs only go so far, there is still a ton of issues with them.
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    According to my calendar, today is April 11th. not April 1st

    An upgrade in 30 seconds?..............I don't care how clever you are, data can only transfer at a certain speed?

    I will take a guess that Sun Microsystems are not wetting their pants in fear

    just my 0.02

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