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    Dell will sell you a decent warrenty. Their business class machines have a 1 year built in for for a couple of bucks you can get 3 or 4 years. In fact I just renewed a couple for 250 each. They offer next day delivery and I have never seen them fail. In some cases 4 hours but those are servers. But you cannot beat the power for the buck equation without building your own.
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    I have a number of brand name computers, these are ex-corporate boxes that I have picked up for nothing or close to it. I just upgrade them.

    Windows XP is a problem, however, as you really do need a full version of the OS. If your MoBo goes AWOL you will probably not be able to get an identical replacement, so your "recovery disk" will be useless, and you will have to pay the brand name supplier exorbitant rates to get it fixed.

    Remember that you are paying over the top for the brand name, and probably get "$1500 value bundled software"...............which in reality is a load of rubbish that you will never use

    If you don't feel confident to do it yourself, get a small local supplier to build you one. You will get much better value for money

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    Re: Question reguarding brand name computers

    Originally posted here by cntfind80
    I also wounder what does it mean if a computer such as an IBM comes with an OEM version of an operating system, does this mean I cannot install my own operating system if I buy the upcomeing longhorn when its relased?
    Basically Windows OEM states that when the box dies, so does the software. i.e., you can't install your copy of the OS on the new PC.

    As to building your own. IMO I suggest that people don't build their own unless they REALLY want to know how things work. But if you're going to build your own anyway, have the processor(s) and Memory installed on the board and tested. Most MB Manufacturers will do this for you. KEEP ALL THE DOCUMENTATION!!!!!!! I have a dual PIII with 160 Ultra SSCI and no Documentation. Can't get the damn thing to post and I can't get the system speaker to work. No documentation.

    Check around for Media prices. XP Pro may be cheaper at CDW than at Best Buy.

    Good Luck

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    thanks for all the responces, I am takeing in all the info and will be decideing within the next few days, which route I will go. In reguards to the Acer, can you elaborate more on that Und3ertak3r. Were you able to convert the filesystem. I currently have ntfs on my computer and it seems to interfere with networking.
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    In 2k and XP you can go from Fat32 to NTFS (you can't go back) by going to Start|Run and type in CMD. You can then use the convert command (convert /? to see the switches).

    If you build your own be very aware of static.

    Good luck.
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    I currently have ntfs on my computer and it seems to interfere with networking.
    That doesn't sound right................NTFS is a business filesystem, it is meant to support networking?

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    Glad to see someone else saw that....

    I chose not to point it out but it is a silly thought.... the filesystem is handled in an entirely different, unconnected, way than networking is.....

    Yes, there is a possibility that a driver is messed up.... But that's more likely to have been caused by a hardware issue than a filesystem issue.... If the filesystem messed up things on it's own it wouldn't be a filesystem..... It would be a totally failed OS.....
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