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    I have problems with my screen...the picture become very small and i cant see anything.
    Could it be the drives...?or the graphic card..?
    Please reply on issue.

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    Perhaps you could clarify and give a little more detail:

    1. What OS are you using and what patches/fixes have you put on the machine?

    2. Have you installed anything recently?

    3. Do you mean the overall viewing area or do you mean looking at pictures in a webpage?

    4. Have you changed the properties of your desktop recently?

    5. Have you added or removed any hardware recently?
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    Could your monitor have failed you?
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    Hello peabug, and welcome to AntiOnline

    If you give us a bit more information we will try to help

    What language do you use.............you, not the computer

    We appreciate that it can be difficult in English, but we will try our best.


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