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Thread: Linux on a Laptop 2005 (SUSE wins again)

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    Linux on a Laptop 2005 (SUSE wins again)

    I'm not sure why I'm posting this. I know at least 10 people are going to be like "You're pushing SUSE down our throat" when really I'm more or less making a post showing that a year ago, Laptop support sucked, and now it's not only better, but the versions this guy tried, out of them all, SUSE worked the best for him, and here is the story. If you think I'm making you choke on SUSE, you can choke on something else a little bigger.


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    "You're pushing SUSE down our throat"
    *goes to install his suse 9.2 on his acer laptop*
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    Hey Gore,

    You are not pushing SuSE down our throats, no. You are just revealing your opinion,and that's what we respect...... You are a puwerful Linux user.... remember BOFH.

    I have ordered my SuSE Linux already.... And I will be looking for a good performance, I believe.
    I am more into Linux now, No more Windowz..... lol

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    Here is something usefull for any laptop user. The truth of the matter is that some Linux distros are more laptop friendly than others (SuSE being one of them). This site indexes latops by make and model then tells you which ditros are best suited for your machine.


    You'll bookmark this one for sure.

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    nice link. Tks, Gore. Finally you bring something that is not from your "Suse Jedi Clan" .

    BTW, the author made a great point when talking about "driver nightmare". It really sucks to find a driver (a good one) to a specific kernel (and sometimes a kernel/distro). Current distros (Novell included) are doing a great job trying to solve this problem, but manufacters are still releasing "windows only" drivers and forget Linux community. So, sometimes we want/need a new hardware and cant get a linux driver.

    Perhaps they can adopt MS Driver Model. But the NT/2000 one, no XP one. MS on XP looks to "loose" some protections on driver layer.. maybe to make it "faster" as 98...

    /edit (damn "enter" button)

    I wil try Suse on my wife's notebook and see what happens....
    Meu sítio

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