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Thread: ESS Alegro Problem

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    ESS Alegro Problem

    Ok here's the deal, my microphone doesn't work. ESS Alegro, i update it, the problem is i have a TV Card (ATI), when i turn the TV on, the mic works but oly records the sounds from the TV(program) and nothing around it, when i turn the TV off it won't record anything. I have a cable from the TV card(Sound OUT) running to the PC (Sound IN) hole. The microphone runs from the monitor (the mic is built in the monitor) to the PC (Mic hole). What could be the problem, should i disable the card and try ? Ill do that now, if u got any other ideas, reply.

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    Hi CopyRight,

    Usually internal mics can only record sounds coming from the unit and not external sounds...but I admit I don't know if that's true anymore with computers...

    this is the only thing I could find based on what you've said...

    Isa Sound Card Driver

    if you can be more specific I'll take another look around for you.


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