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Thread: network help

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    Originally posted here by zencoder
    /me points to his 6 Mbps cable modem service
    And to plagiarize the American Dairy Association campaign...

    Got bandwidth?

    Got ping?

    Got phat-pipe?

    Choose your favorite.
    You dirty dog, you!!
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    Originally posted here by zencoder
    You aint jack, buddy. I was here when the post WENT ONLINE and still ended up...well...way WAY down there.
    Your posts are too small....you must'a been thinking too hard.
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    hello all thanks for your help...i see theres not much i can do....as it goes i do have an uptodate anti virus/firewall and i also run adaware....

    cheers for your help in this matter

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    Hi, you still haven't given enough information.

    You say your computer is slow.............

    1. Is that just internet connections, or is it the computer in general?
    2. What are the processor and memory (RAM) specifications?
    3. What operating system are you running?
    4. What web browser are you using?
    5. Does performance vary with the time of day.?
    6. Have you checked your resource usage when it is running slow?
    7. When did you last clear out your history and cache files?

    Update your AV and AdAware then re-boot into SAFE MODE and run them...........find anything?
    Whilst you are in safe mode, defragment your hard drive.

    I am still concerned with the upload being more than the download I usually estimate about 25% as a reasonable ratio...............on my ADSL link uploads are at half speed anyway.

    Do you have file sharing enabled?

    I am curious as to why you think your machine is slow...........sure, as pointed out, you will not get 10MBPS, but if you are getting 1MBPS you are running twice as fast as I am , and I don't think that this machine is slow. What are you comparing it to?

    Can you check with you neighbours and perhaps people on a different spur (different building)..............it could even be a hardware problem.............I have seen that before.............either your machine, or the network, or both. It would be nice if you had a friend with a laptop who could bring it to test your connection. If there is little or no difference, then that will rule out your personal kit.

    Please post back, as even if we cannot improve things much, we will at least have exhausted some of the possibilities and gained further insight into the problem?


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    Hi Waterboy,

    To add to foxyloxley's and nihil's questions...just to clarify, as everyone has a different standard of slow...what is your definition of slow?

    I'm running at 45.2kbps...alot less than 1mbps...( and I still got in before foxyloxley, zencoder, and ZT3000...and I started when no one was here too )


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