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Thread: We were all wrong!

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    We were all wrong!

    http://blogs.zdnet.com/Ou/index.php?p=43 Those six "myths" are what we usually tell people to do... I feel bad now! Luckily for us he gives us new ways that WORK for wlan security.

    Definitly the best thing I've ever read on wlan security, but yeah, anyways, I guess we need to learn this so when someone asks how to secure a wlan we can tell them how to do it nice and proper like!
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    Keep in mind, George is mainly concerned with enterprise level stuff, and as an enterprise if you follow the advise given to SOHO users then you (1)are a fool and (2) deserve what you get. Whenever you implement I.T. security you just need to weigh the cost of the security against the price of the data. If it means the world to you then you'll be willing to pay to secure it, if it doesn't....then you won't.

    I don't feel like typing a whole tirade right now. I have a bandwidth manager to install. Peace.

    P.S. Everything he wrote was obvious, way to go ZDNET! Yet again at the BLEEDING edge.
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