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Thread: Slackware Linux

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    Slackware Linux

    The idea of this post is to get more information about Slackware on AntiOnline. A lot of posts are here now that lead to help information, and I wrote tutorials and try to make them very simple so people can use Slackware easier, but sometimes that isn't enough.

    If anyone can add to this, please do. I know there are more Slackware people here, and I think there should be something for newbies to help them with common issues. My tutorials aren't the only thing they need, there is a lot more.

    I have a link to the Slackware store because I have used it to buy things and I think it's great. I can stand up and say that it isn't anything to scoff at and it does send you everything on time. I can take pics if you want and show the things I bought from there.

    If you're good with Slackware and maybe with Free BSD, join me here:


    We are posting all of "The Free BSD documentation project" stuff over for Slackware and anyone who wants to can help out:

    Links to help you learn about Slackware:

    This one is somewhat dated but has a lot of stuff you may find useful:


    A look at 10:


    Slack Net BSD pkgsrc :


    Security in Slackware:



    A great tool I recommend for anyone:


    Supporting Slackware:


    Slackware :


    Getting packs without Swaret:



    This should be self explained here, but it's a GREAT site I found today:


    Live :


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    This is a site that I found to be help full. ( I'm still a Slackware newbie ... )

    Some of these are dated but should be enough to get you going in the right direction.
    How To Index
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    http://www.slackware.org/support/ < --- technical support ... has phone numbers you can ring to talk to people

    http://www.slackware.org/security/ < --- slackware security advisories

    http://www.slackware.org/contact/ < --- ways of contacting slackware.com for help

    http://www.slackware.org/install/ <--- slackware linux installation help (as well as gore's tutorials of course )

    these are just a few places of help from www.slackware.org

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