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Thread: DC Problems

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    Now I've narrowed the problem down further...

    The problem wasn't that computer after all. Here's the background:

    This room in question is a large conference room. We have a US Robitcs wireless AP upstairs. Employees often use wireless laptops downstairs in this room, so the wireless signal gets somewhat weak. With the last few months, I bought an identical USR AP and configured it as a repeater (just upgraded firmware on both AP and repeater last week, BTW). I've been running the repeater out of my office, but someone suggested moving it directly into that conference room would be even better for signal strength.

    Of course, there's only one RJ-45 port in that room, and a computer is already connected to it. So I took an old Netgear 4-port hub and set up the repeater and the box to share the same wall jack. I did this within the last few days.

    So I got the idea, maybe it's not the computer, but the hub. So I disconnected the hub and reconnected the computer directly into the wall. Sure enough, no more problems. So it's the hub! Of course, I wanted to further test this before tossing hardware, so I took it upstairs and plugged it directly into the switch with the repeater connected. Sure enough, the problem resurfaced. For argument's sake, I removed the AP from the hub and connected it to another hub, the one it used to be connected to when it was in my office. Well guess what -- the problem resurfaced.

    As one last test, I removed the repeater from the hub and plugged it directly into the switch upstairs. Sure enough, everybody got kicked off again, thus confirming my theory.

    So somehow it's the USR repeater that's jammed the network all along. Who woulda guessed?! So am I to presume that this little repeater has actually been packet storming the network or something? Anyone else ever run into this kinda thing?

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    Glad you found the problem!

    I'd start learning the Ethereal thingy like Tigershark suggested. It'll surely help later.

    Next suggestion, Not to be rude, okay..nevermind that then....Fire that outside network expert. Why an expert doesn't scan the network for a broadcast storm is beyond me.
    It had me going for broadcast storm, based on how it sounded, which is one of the first things I do in an unknown network, "check out the heartbeat".

    That repeater may still be good with a factory reset or firmware update, then use Ethereal to see what it puts out and if good, back into service it goes.

    One thing "I" would do, is take that hub out forever. I've seen so many problems with those things I detest looking at them.

    Life is so much easier when you finally see the light of day after a problem like this.

    Good job!
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