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    video games out rank cloning in technology break throughs.


    1) Wireless world
    2) Defense technology
    3) Alternative fuel vehicles
    4) Biotechnology
    5) Computers
    6) Lasers
    7) Genomics
    8) Global finance
    9) Processors
    10) Digital storage
    11) Space
    12) Fiber optics
    13) Satellite TV & radio
    14) DNA testing
    15) Video games
    16) Biometrics
    17) Energy and water savers
    18) Scanning tunneling microscopes
    19) Batteries
    20) E-baggage
    21) Remote controls
    22) Animal cloning
    23) Manufacturing technology
    24) The big picture
    25) Weather technology
    video games out rank cloning in technology break throughs.
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    Video games have had a far greater direct impact on society than cloning has IMO. I was a bit surprised that Wireless came out on top but it does make sense. There is a lot that's being done in this field and I think we can only expect it to grown (Blackberries, pagers, phones, internet access, RFIDs, etc.).

    The question is: what will be #1 in 25 years from now?
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    Money talks and the market for video games is greater than the market for identical sheep.
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    The question is: what will be #1 in 25 years from now?
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    Mainstream media is such a joke. They wouldn't know technology if it bit them on the ass.
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