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Thread: View antipoints assigned to a post

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    View antipoints assigned to a post

    While reading through a few posts, I noticed that some have antipoints assigned to them. I also noticed that there is a link to 'view antipoints assigned to this post'. When I click on that link, I always get the message that there are no antipoints assigned to this post.

    I tried this on posts that I know I have assigned antipoints to them, and I get the same message.

    Is this an actual bug, or is it because I am not allowed to view those properties of a post yet (I only have a few antipoints and less than 50 posts to my name on this forum.)

    Thanks much and great site BTW!


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    Keep in mind that some threads may have points assigned to the poster rather than the post itself.

    Thread points are cumulative of posts and thread APs.
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