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    PLAY YOUR GAME.. get the "Squeek" going wild.. and turn off the monitor.. does the squeek stop?

    If it is making the noise during games, or while redrawing the screen.. It is MORE probable that it is the Monitor than the Video CArd.. other than a cooling fan there is Nothing on the card that could cause a squeek

    it wont make the noise when i have a game minimized but if i'm playing it the noise is there

    It could be as mentioned earlier a sick Capacitor in your monitor.. or a loose winding on a transformer.. those things squeel like crazy (oh that is how the capacitors make the noise.. they make the coils/chokes/transformers squeel)

    By the way.. RULE #1 in Fault Finding.. Isolate the area of the fault.. where is the noise comming from.. wher is that bad smell..
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    Well slinky,

    1. Does your video card have a fan?
    2. Can you play a music CD with no video animations etc. and still get the noise? (mute the volume)
    3. Please look at the little lights.............if the HDD is flashing or locked on, is that when you get the noise?

    You see, video card and hard drive activity tend to be linked, so it is not that easy to determine the source?


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    Originally posted here by nihil
    3. Please look at the little lights.............
    Repeats mimically: "Please look at the little lights...." (laughs to self)

    I can tell your users aren't too technical.
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    And if it is the monitor, don't open it up and try to fiddle around with anything. I don't know if your new to computer hardware or not, but if you start fiddling around inside the monitor, it's a death wish...
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    I've experienced something like this before. Mine were high pitch tones I heard through my headphones while I would open a window or use the scroll button. Almost like I could hear the frequencies and call signs going through the board (bare with me here, this isn't some Art Bell ramble). It was lack of shielding in the common rat-tales. My Belkin KVM switch was resting on my mighty8 surge protector power cord. I guess I had some kind of minor interference coming through my VGA connector into my video card and on to my board and then into my soundcard and out to my headphones (does that rhyme)? In the end I ruled it down to a lack of shielding. But this wasn't my only case of weird noises that I've solved. I needed sound on my libranet box so I bought a cheap-ass $20 soundcard from Comp-USA; this was a piece of crap a real work of craftsmanship out of China. What they didn't tell you on the package is that you'd be spending 30+ minutes finding the F-n drivers on the Internet just to get it to work. (I'm probably the only customer they had that didn't return this model card back.) Anyway, It turns out the bracket is warped and it's slightly touching the Mobo and giving off a high-pitched hum not a whistle.

    Anyway hope it sheds some light.

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