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Thread: Google Safe Search ?!?!

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    Google Safe Search ?!?!

    Ok my homepage is google.com of course , so i open firefox and it takes me to http://www.google.com/xhtml Google Safe Search ? What is this? I do have google desktop search and gmail notifier installed ? does it have anything to do with those ?

    The results page looks gay lol


    WHen i try google.com on IE it takes me to the normal google page, on Firefox on the other hand it takes me to the xhtml page...
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    works fine for me on firefox .... I have never heard of the safe search option .. is your home page set to www.google.com.au? try clearing your cache and going to google.com

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    it has nothing to do with google safe search - that is simply an option you can enable in google yo prevent seeing adult links etc when performing searches

    this line however from the page source gives a good hint as to what it is

    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//WAPFORUM//DTD XHTML Mobile 1.0//EN" "http://www.wapforum.org/DTD/xhtml-mobile10.dtd">
    just looks like you got your homepage set as the google XHTML WAP site for wireless devices (such as cell phones)


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    I just recently came across that in Mozilla. So I check it in IE and the regular google page came up. Refreshed a few times in Mozilla, and the mobile page still came up (and had me worried since I don't like its looks). I clicked around, and then decided to exit Mozilla and tried again and after that it worked normally.

    I guess I'm glad I'm not the only one who ran into this weird thing...I really didn't enjoy the new layout I saw

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    Works fine today, i didn't change any options at all, returned to normal by itself, weird !
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