Basic Nmap Usage video tutorial
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Thread: Basic Nmap Usage video tutorial

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    King Tutorial-ankhamun
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    Basic Nmap Usage video tutorial

    Here is the link to the “Basic Nmap Usage” Flash video tutorial:

    Mods, feel free to attach it the thread, but keep in mind that is 8.47MB. Let me know what you think. I'm having some problems with file size to memory foot print[0] so if there are any good Flash MX developers out there please contact me. Special thanks to thehorse13.

    [0] If I import video instead of frames the file size is larger but it takes less memory when running. If I import frames the file is smaller but it sucks up memory then I play it. I’ll send the .fla to anyone who thinks they can figure it out.

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    Senior Member kr5kernel's Avatar
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    excellent tut as always irongeek.
    (kr5kernel at hotmail dot com)
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    Man, that's perfect. I need tutorials like that where I can watch how it's done.

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    Master-Jedi-Pimps0r & Moderator thehorse13's Avatar
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    Thanks for the accolades in your video. I watched the entire clip and I think the presentation is perfect for beginners. I look forward to seeing additional videos in your series.

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    Yeah, very nice one..... I think this should be taught in the universities....
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    Thanks for the video. Good work and nice web page.

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    I hope you can make some more tutorials in the future.

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    Hey IRONGEEK excellent man. But I have a question for you? Is this YOU $[]D[]TF[]I23
    on if not, you got same lamer trying to steal your material.

    Heres a video tutorial for Nmap

    If this doesn't boost my member status I'd like to know what would!
    BTW I gave credit were credit was due. heres the link to it

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    King Tutorial-ankhamun
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    Nope, I’m not $[]D[]TF[]I23. Then again, all he’s doing is linking to my site so it does not bother me. Strange that he thinks it’s ”leet” just to post a link to someone else’s work and that he should get more respect because of it. Thanks for letting me know Computernerd22.

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    THnks man for the video, It was another useful one

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