Ok in the java course that i am taking i am givin an outline like this:
public class sd {
  //declare a private integer instance variable to store count of diamonds;
  //declare a private double instance variable to store percentage;
  //declare a private String instance variable to store a name;

  //construtor bengin here...

  public sd() {
  //Initialize all instance vairables to zero;

  void Init(String s) {
   //this method initialized the count and percentage to zero and stores the string value in the name     variable

  String GetName() {
  //this method returns the name varialbe;
Ok so my question is in the Init(String s), how do i store the string value in the name variable?
Is it something like s = new String(); ?
Sorry if this is a bit vague, for more info this is the actual lab go here http://www.cs.wright.edu/~rrea/lab1_142.html. Let me know if you need to see my entire code for method and object class.