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    Question Hard Drive Image Swapping...

    Two PC's
    1. WinXP Pro - 80GB Master, 20GB Slave
    2. WinME - 60GB Single

    All three drives have alot of data on them. I want to switch the 60GB with the 20GB. The 60GB has WinME on it, the 20GB is all data and such. I don't have a 3rd hard drive other than the 80GB with WinXP installed.

    Is there any software that can swap the two hard drive images? I can't clone 1 to 2, 2 to 3, then 3 to 1....I need 1 to 2 and 2 to 1 without losing data...is this possible?

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    Hey Hey,

    I've never seen a program that would do this, however I'd think that it would be rather memory intensive.

    Could you do something like this?

    Assumption: If you are moving the 60GB to the 20.. then there's only about 20GB worth of data on it.

    1. Create a ghost image of the 60GB (with it's 20GB of Data) and dump the image on the 80 (if you don't have enough free diskspace to hold the image than stop here because you'll be SOL)...
    2. Clone the 20GB onto the 60GB....
    3. Ghost the 20GB with the image off the 80GB..

    The images have been transfered..

    If you don't have 20GB free on the 80GB then you'll need to get partition magic, or resizer and resize the 60 so that you have 2 drives of somewhat equal size. Then

    1. Create a ghost image of the 20GB on the new partition on the 60GB.
    2. Clone the original 60GB partition over to the 20GB
    3. Ghost the image on the new partition of the 20GB onto the 60GB.

    Either of these should work for ya...

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    1. Are all the drives single partition?
    2. What is the file format of each drive
    3. What are the free space/used space values for each drive?
    4. What operating systems are you intending to run on the boxes afterwards.

    Please remember that XP can read FAT32 but Win ME cannot read NTFS, and that "cloning" and "ghosting" mean exactly what they say.

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    Any other pc's or networks available to you,if you have enough space you could use a network drive to store images or the data for you.
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    No networks...just those 3 drives. The 60GB has WinME (FAT32), the 20GB has WinXP (NTFS) and the 80GB is storage (NTFS).

    HTRegz idea should work...I'll let you guys know.

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