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Thread: Sybex CISSP

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    Sybex CISSP

    Hi everyone,

    In my network administration course we are starting the security part of it. Besides taking a security+ part, we are also covering a book on CISSP. I was wondering what everyone's thought are on CISSP Study Guide second edition, writin by Ed Tittel, James Steward and Mike Chapple, put out by Sybex? This is the final term in the course and I am looking forward to it as this is the area that I want to go into. Any insight into the pro's/cons of this book would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi pooljunkie73,

    How's the Baby Flames in ole' Saint John?! Sorry...wish I could help you but I'm the wrong person to ask...just thought I'd post though to say HI because I used to live in Saint John...the only city in the world where every building leans like the tower of Piza...


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