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Thread: Dell

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    Oh.............and I got 512Mb of that Rambus for $85............second user, the guy wanted more power for his CAD box
    Nihil, 1 Rambus stick over here costs $159.99, and you have to buy two


    $85 is one hell of a deal for it. I say those computers are 1-2 year old because thats what the customers tell me when I ask em ...and we know how accurate those can be

    On the benchmark, could Rambus have slaughtered DDR because DDR runs at about 300-400mhz and Rambus runs at 800mhz, or are there more things involved?

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    Yeah, I was lucky, the machine shipped with 2 x 128Mb, and I picked up the two 256Mb strips for $85 the pair. There wasn't much of a second hand market for them in those days I just checked the price over here and they are about $131 per PC800 256MB strip.

    As I was using a benchmark program I would say that it was purely the speed, as you suggest.

    I also used it to test SDR against DDR and the DDR came out twice as fast, which is what you would expect.

    Hey I know what you mean about customers and "time compression"............I just fixed a box for a friend, he swore it was only 5 years old...............turned out it was 9.............mind you I was not surprised, the fact that it booted Win95 was a bit of a giveaway

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