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Thread: DDR SDRAM one sided and double sided

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    Question DDR SDRAM one sided and double sided

    The other day my friend and I were going to upgrade his computer by adding more RAM. We took out the old RAM and figured out it was a (256MB) 184pin stick, meaning it is DDR SDRAM, correct? We figured that out by looking at a PC hardware book and the stick looked exactly alike the DDR SDRAM pictured (one little gap where the pins are, and 2 gaps on each side). Except this stick was only one sided, it only had the chips on one side.

    So after purchasing a new DDR SDRAM (256) stick (2 sided), it goes in perfectly. So then we boot up the PC and the BIOS makes some beeping noises (indicative that it rejected the RAM, I forgot how many times it beeped). The PC doesnt boot up, not even to the BIOS or anything. So we try a few more times, switching slot places, one chip at a time and on and on and it doesnt take the new double sided RAM.

    So my question is, why doesnt a one sided DDR SDRAM stick work with a 2 sided one? Or are they supposed too... if they are I guess that new stick wasnt any good??

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    Re-Seat the RAM..

    Your mother board may not like the ram.. it may not run with anything over PC2700 or the new ram maybe less than it minimum rating of PCXXXX.. see that is the information your not telling us.. What is the rating of the old memory..and the new.. single and double also has an effect on the mobo on how it addresses the ram slot.. (had lots of probs with the PC133/100/66 mems)
    ALSO.. have you tried starting the system with the original ram in place.. you may have disturbed something else while fiddling around in the case..

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    Yeah the system works fine with the old stick, it turned on just fine after removing the double sided stick... so are double sided and single sided ram sticks supposed to work fine??? I believe their both 333MHz. Well we already returned the old one.

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    Find out the brand and model number of the motherboard.
    Either find that paper manual or look up the manual on the manufacturer website to find what valid memory combinations are available.

    There is, as far as I can tell:
    Logically single physically single sided RAM
    Logically single physically double sided RAM
    Logically double physically single sided RAM
    Logically double physically double sided RAM

    RAM is not all interchangable unless the motherboard chipset allows it, and that is found in the motherboard manual.

    Yeah, I know we all expect it to be interchangable, within reason, but frankly it's not.
    Sometimes it seems to work fine but after some usage, the logical timing issues crop up and give Stop errors which stop your computing cold.

    Following the motherboard manual advice is always the best idea.
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    1. What make/ model of computer.......or home built?
    2. What make/model of motherboard?

    Try a Google search for "crucial memory".............thay have tools to tell you what will work, sell at a good price, give lifetime guarantees...............and have not let me down in all the years I have used them.

    OK, does the strip have one, or two slots at the bottom, and one or two slots at the ends ( sort of "U" shaped indentations)
    I am trying to figure out if you have SDR or DDR

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