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Thread: NT running out of space

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    NT running out of space

    NT server is running out of space and I was wondering what is the best way to deal with this problem. Getting a bigger HD and cloning the sytem? or ? or ?

    Please give as specific as possible - method to use, progams.....

    Thanks for the help

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    Do you have more then one drive?

    Are the disks partitioned?

    What services do you have running on the server? Exchange? Proxy?

    If you are running Exchange..are you doing online backups? (these will clear the exchange logs...usually one of the culprits taking up space)

    Cleared the temp folders?

    How big are the drives?

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    NT..............is that NT4, Win2000 or what?

    Have you looked at your temporary files?
    Have you looked at your log files?
    Have you looked at how many recovery points you are saving?

    Please try to find what is "growing" on your box..............there are many causes and solutions

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