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Thread: China is attacking ??

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    China is attacking ??


    Not exactly a security Discussion but I have had more then ten of my friends calling up from yesterday asking if IP address from china (range 211.10.x.x) are scanning perticularly UDP PORT 1027 AND MS_SQL port. Now it seems my computer is being scanned. I do understand that I should be happy and calm that my firewall is taking care of it all but anyway i just wanted to ask if anyone is having same problem. I am having one scan every 5-6 second.

    Thank you for your input.

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    Real good place to look for stuff like this:


    You can get a quick feel for what is being scanned for (and usually pick up something new is out just by seeing a port increase in scanning substantially) and who the worst offenders are. In your case, I don't see that IP listed; however, it wouldn't suprise me, alot of stuff originates out of China...
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    I see scans daily on my home router/firewall from China. And it is usually sql ports... hmmm...

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