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Thread: Help Please??

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    Help Please??

    I'm just looking for a few tips on what I should know to use antionline efficiently. Also, what exactly is antionline for?

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    WOW!!! My ears are hurting from all the screaming! If you want to know read the FAQ's please!


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    RTFM ! or RTFFAQ !
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    In the process of signing up, you were informed, suggested, and told to check out the FAQs first.

    AO is a forum. We talk (usually) about technology and security. How to use it efficiently? Don't do inefficient things. What are inefficient things? Most are described in the FAQ. Where is the FAQ? Funny you asked... http://www.antionline.com/faq/faq.php
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    /me sighs.

    Must I tell you guys the same thing over and over again?! Don't feed the trolls.

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